SAT/ACT Diagnostic Exam

Combined SAT & ACT Diagnostic Exam

The most selective colleges accept both SAT and ACT scores for admissions, but how can you effectively compare your child’s abilities on these standardized tests?

Elevation Tutoring has the solution.

To determine which standardized test is most appropriate for your child, we offer a Combined SAT & ACT Diagnostic Exam.

This single exam is a great opportunity to:

  • Assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses on the SAT and ACT
  • Determine whether the SAT or ACT is better suited for your child
  • Plan how to efficiently raise your child’s score with an in-person or phone evaluation

We offer two convenient options:

  1. Proctored diagnostic exam (Manhattan)- Contact us for dates
  2. At home diagnostic exam taken at your child’s convenience and returned for our assessment


 Combined SAT & ACT Diagnostic Exam- Manhattan Combined SAT & ACT Diagnostic Exam- Taken at your home


"Elevation Tutoring was wonderful and helped my son raise his SAT score by 310 points and get accepted by his dream school, Cornell! We’re delighted!"

- Rachelle A., mother of 12th grader

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