Our Team

Meet Our Director

Meet Our Director

  • Alan, M.S., M.A.

    U. of Pennsylvania (B.A.)

    An accomplished educator for over 20 years, Alan guides students and families across the country. He leads an experienced team that empowers students to raise scores, reduce stress, and position themselves for target schools. Alan graduated with honors from The University of Pennsylvania, and also holds a Master’s degree in Childhood Education and Special Education. Originally from Queens, Alan received an advanced degree in screenwriting and enjoys sports, music and traveling.

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Meet Some Of
Our Tutors

  • Marie, B.A.

    Columbia University

    Marie has over 15 years of tutoring experience. Her personable approach encourages test-taking confidence, particularly in students with anxiety or stress. Marie graduated with honors from Columbia University and received an M.A. from the Shakespeare Institute as well as an M.Phil from the University of London. She speaks three languages and enjoys traveling.

  • Jesse, A.L.M.

    Harvard University

    Jesse, recipient of a Fulbright grant, is an engaging tutor with years of experience. His encouraging and focused style motivates students to succeed. Jesse has an advanced degree from Harvard University and graduated summa cum laude from Tulane University. He enjoys playing guitar, rock climbing, and bike riding.

  • Sharley, M.F.A.

    Harvard University

    Sharley is an energetic and personable tutor who motivates students to take tests with confidence. Prior to Harvard, Sharley graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley. She was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and received the Mark Goodson’s Prize for Distinguished Talent. Originally from Atlanta, Sharley enjoys hiking, theater, and gardening.

  • Allen, B.A.

    Harvard University

    Allen is an enthusiastic tutor with years of experience. He has an insightful and patient tutoring style that guides students toward content understanding and achievement. Hailing from Massachusetts, Allen enjoys traveling, reading, and exercise.

  • Jenny, B.A.

    Brandeis University

    Jenny has over 14 years of experience, supported hundreds of students, and trained over a dozen tutors. Her engaging and practical approach helps students build skills and confidence. Originally from Dallas, Jenny graduated magna cum laude from Brandeis University and enjoys traveling and music.

  • Jayson, B.Ed.

    University of Hawaii

    Jayson is a talented math educator with over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. He took graduate classes in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University and is certified as an AP Calculus teacher by the College Board. Hailing from Hawaii, Jayson holds a B.Ed. in Secondary Education from The University of Hawaii at Manoa. In his spare time, Jayson enjoys performing magic.

  • Lara, M.L.A.

    Harvard University

    Lara is a talented and caring tutor with over 15 years of experience. Her creative approach builds student skills and confidence to improve academic performance. A member of Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key honor societies, Lara holds an undergraduate degree from UC Davis.  She enjoys acting, playing piano, and traveling.

  • Sheena, M.A.

    Macaulay Honors College

    Sheena holds a B.A. and M.A. from Macaulay Honors College and has years of tutoring experience. Her diligent and approachable style builds confidence in students, particularly those who are anxious and have lower academic self-esteem. Sheena was recognized as a William R. Kenan Leadership Scholar. She enjoys dancing, biking, yoga, and baking.

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