SAT or ACT: Which Is Better Suited For Your Child?

Colleges accept both the SAT and ACT; therefore, it’s advisable for your child to take the test that is a better match.

Above is a simple chart to compare/contrast these two exams.

– The SAT emphasizes critical thinking, while the ACT focuses on pacing and speed.

– The SAT is 50% math, while the ACT is only 25% math.

– The ACT has a science section, which doesn’t require prior science knowledge. Instead, it focuses on interpreting information from charts and graphs.

Despite these differences, it’s not obvious for many students which test is a better match.

Therefore, it’s beneficial for your child to take Diagnostic SAT and ACT exams.

We’d be happy to arrange for your child to take diagnostic exams and provide an evaluation about how to raise your child’s score.

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