Position Your Child For Target Colleges

While many students are concerned about how they appear to colleges in the application process, there is something important to keep in mind:

Your child doesn’t have to try to be impressive.

To stand out, it’s about being your authentic self.

Students can focus on magnifying those things they love.

The things that speak to them.

Your children’s activities, talents, perspective, and interests will best present who they are.

Here are 3 answers to important questions about the application process:

1. Which colleges should your child apply to?

Your child should research colleges and then make 3 lists:

1. Dream Schools: Your child’s top choice schools. These could include very selective colleges.

2. “In the Ballpark” Schools: Colleges that your child would be happy to attend and would be a good candidate for acceptance.

3. Safety schools: Colleges your child wouldn’t mind attending and would almost certainly gain acceptance.

2. How many activities should my child be involved in:
You don’t need a laundry list of activities – colleges can see through this.

It’s about quality rather than quantity- it’s better to pick a select few activities in which your child shows:
– Passion
– Leadership
– Consistency

This shows colleges that your child has focus and sustained interests.

3. Who should my child get college recommendations from?
A good recommender should be able to articulate your child’s qualities and accomplishments in a specific and expressive manner.

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