An AMAZING METHOD to become a better test taker

When prepping for a test, most students focus their energies on reviewing the test material.

But they totally ignore working on their mindset.

However, building a good mindset can be THE difference maker.

When your child takes a test and see some challenging questions, how does your child feel? How does your child react?

Pressured, stressed, upset, panicked…likely one of the above.

How would your child feel if it was known beforehand that the test would have challenging questions? BUT that it wouldn’t make a big difference to get some questions wrong!

Now, how would your child feel?

A good mindset means being calm and confident. It’s being able to better control one’s emotions.

We can build a strong test mindset by planning ahead.

Your child can prepare a mini talk to say in his or her head during the test!

That’s right! Being prepared for stressors BEFORE the test, can help your child a lot DURING the test.

Now, when your child encounters challenging questions during the test, your child will be ready with a pep talk like this:

“I EXPECTED to have some hard questions on this test.
Individual questions DON’T MATTER much.
I can get questions wrong and still do well!
I’m gonna roll with it and keep moving!”

By building a mindset that is calm and confident, your child can take a test with confidence.

A pep talk gives you the preparation to overcome the challenges you may face.

Learn more about how to help your child become a better test taker.

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